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Generate Request for Credit Report


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This window will appear when the CR (Request Credit Report) action code is used on the initial Process Member Applications screen. (If your credit union is not set up to receive online credit reports, a message will appear instead asking you to contact Client Services for activation.) It will also appear when pulling a credit report while opening a new checking account, if configured to do so in the dividend application configuration.

This screen will also appear after choosing the Loan Request Action Code (LR) if your credit union is configured to pull credit reports prior to creating loan requests. This is primarily used by credit unions that use risk-based pricing, to ensure that the new loan request is priced based on the most current credit score. Contact a client service representative if you wish to activate this flag. (Self-processing credit unions can activate the flag using the “Online Credit Bureau Config” flag on menu MNOP09 (OPER #10, then #7).

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Helpful Resources

For more information, including a list of potential error messages, refer to the CU*BASE Online Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender: User Guide.

Screen Overview

This window is used to request a credit report through the CU*BASE Online Credit Bureau Access system. The system will fill in the Social Security Number/Tax ID Number for both the primary borrower and, if coming from the loan application screen itself, one co-borrower. You may, however, enter up to four different SSN/TINs to be pulled at the same time. When all needed SSNs have been entered, use Enter to view the member/non-member names, then use Enter again to continue to the next screen.

If any of the SSN/TIN numbers entered is not found in either your member or non-member records, a window will appear to let you key in the name and address information.

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