Viewing a Credit Report – Decision

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Credit Report – Decision


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This screen appears when you use Decision (F10) on the Credit Report – Summary screen. It will also appear after clicking the “Pre-Approvals” button in Inquiry and Phone Operator.

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This screen shows the results of decision model, either 247 Lender or a custom-designed model if you have one. This screen lets you quickly say Yes to your member for any credit union product or service. (NOTE: A PDF version of this brochure will open.)

CU*BASE compares the decision code that was included with the credit report and shows all products from your configured Approval Matrix that have been approved for this code. An MSR or loan officer can easily see which products have been approved, with lending limits for underwriting loans.

NOTE: Decision Information is static as of the time the credit report is pulled. The Current Account Balance/Credit Limit column is updated interactively every time the screen is displayed to show the member's current status.

The Current Account Balance/Credit Limit column is intended to show the current status of accounts held by this member, for all memberships under this same SSN/TIN.

Any share or OTB products not currently owned by this member will be highlighted with the notation “Sell to Member” to further enhance your cross-sales efforts. (Click the Cross Sales Tracking button to use cross sales tools.)

Remember that Decision results are included for inquiry types 11=Credit File + Custom Decision and 15=247 Lender only. The data on this screen will be stored online for 6 months (or your credit union's configured retention period).

Use buttons to proceed to any other summary or detail screen as needed, or use F7-Cancel to return to the initial screen and select a different report.

Decision Model Information

If your credit union uses 247 Lender, there are two additional buttons you can use to view more about this decision.



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