Overview: Fraud Block Lists

Block Lists create a centralized place to see and stop activity based on patterns the credit union sees as risky or potentially fraudulent. In addition, by using an infrastructure independent from membership and other key data tables, Block Lists give us maximum flexibility to add and alter block list options, without a large ripple effect when we expand the lists.

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A Centralized Location for Block Lists

Access a centralized location for all Block Lists and are using Tool #892 Update Fraud Alert/Blocked Persons List.  Here you will access all the new block lists and log member accounts where you’ve seen fraud in the past. Your Auditors can access a Block List Database Inquiry, too, accessed from Tool #1892 View Fraud Alert/Blocked Persons List. (NOTE:  The Transaction Attribute Denial entries are not included in the Inquiry version.)

Single Channel Denial of Service Block

Single channel denial of service block lists simply stop a member (SSN/TIN) from enrolling or using a particular feature or service altogether. Where the employee will see the block warning is linked to below.

Multi-Channel Transaction Attribute Block

Multi-channel transaction attribute blocks are based on a particular data element and will stop specific transactions from occurring across various delivery channels. Where the country or pay to information is entered that will be run through the scan is linked to below.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Block Lists

Below are some questions about block lists.  Click the question to view the answer in the Answer Book.

Tables Used by the Fraud Block Lists

The following fields include the memberships and entries on the fraud block lists. If you wish to exclude memberships on the Query for 1Click Offers, for example, you can use the "block new loan applications" file.

  • BLOCKBP (Block Bill Pay Enrollment)

  • BLOCKCTRY (Block Country Master)

  • BLOCKLNAPP (Block new loan applications)

  • BLOCKMST (Block new Memberships)

  • BLOCKOLB (Block Online Banking Enrollment)

  • BLOCKPAYTO (Block Pay To Names)

  • BLOCKP2P (Block P2P Enrollment)

  • BLOCKWIREI (Block Wire Transfer Incoming)

  • BLOCKWIREO (Block Wire Transfer Outgoing)