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Phone Operator - Checks


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This screen will appear when you choose the “Check” action on the Phone Operator Account Processing screen.

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Screen Overview

The “Check Disbursements” screen is used to produce a check written against a member's account. Enter the check amount and pay to information. The default fee appears in the Check Fee field, and can be changed if necessary. Use Enter to post and print the check. The screen will clear and the default fee will be reset. Continue creating checks, using Enter to process each one. When done, use F3-Backup to return to the previous screen.

(If the employee is configured as an “other staff” the pay to section not be automatically populated. This screen follows the Privacy Configuration.)

BE CAREFUL: Once a check amount has been entered, you cannot back out of this screen without posting and printing the check.

NOTE: The name and address of the “Pay to” for this check will be printed on the middle portion of the check stub to fit into a standard window envelope. To keep it from being obvious that a check is enclosed, be sure to fold the check so that middle portion appears in the window. The account number will not be printed on the check stub.

Each Payee will be run through an OFAC scan. Each payee will receive a scan. If you create two checks for a payee (in sequence) the subsequent check will not receive a scan but if you alternate payees the payee will receive a scan the second time. (Mary, Bob, Mary = three scans, while Mary, Mary, Bob = two scans).

Pay to Fraud Block List

After the OFAC scan a Pay to Name fraud block list scan is run against the name entered in the Pay to line.  Take care to enter the Pay to name in a way that the scan will most effectively be run. If the Pay To Name is a match or partial match to the name in the block list, you will see a Suspect warning message.

My “pay to” name that I am running against a fraud list has a common word, for example LLC, Co., Inc., Incorporated, or Company. What should I enter in the Pay to line?

Learn more about Fraud Block Lists: Overview: Fraud Block Lists

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Member Information

This section contains basic information about the member. Also included are current aggregate balances for all share and loan accounts held by this member, to assist with fee waiver decisions, according to credit union policy.

Withdrawal Account Information

This section shows details about the account from which funds will be taken to produce the check.


Shows the total fees charged for all checks entered in this batch.


Shows the amount for all checks generated on this screen. After check data is entered, use Enter to update this total and enter the next check.

Check Amount

The total amount of the check, including decimal digits (i.e., for $25.50, type 2550).

Check Fee

If your credit union is configured for check printing fees, this field will appear and will show the default fee amount to be charged for the check currently being entered. You may change this amount if appropriate according to credit union policy. Use Enter to process this check and the field will reset back to the default rate for the next check.

SEE ALSO: Configuring CU Printed Check Fees

Pay to the order of

These lines should be used for the payee name, address, city, state and ZIP Code.


By default, the member's name is entered here. However, any remitter name can be entered, along with any other information desired by the member (account number, note, etc.).

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