Printing Miscellaneous Checks (2)

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Issue Accounting Checks


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Access this screen after selecting the Bank Code (or select a bank from the list) and choose a Printer ID where the check should print on the previous screen and pressing Enter.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to issue an accounting check.

Screen Overview

This second screen is used to specify the check amount and control the G/L interface.

Use the Misc. Expense Code field to indicate which G/L account should disburse the funds when the check is created. These are credit union-defined codes corresponding to G/L accounts. If there is no code set up for the transaction you are performing, if allowed by your credit union's configuration, you may use code 999 and enter a G/L number manually.

Complete the data entry and use Enter. The system continues to display the data entries for review, and a message will appear. Use Enter again to issue the check or F8-Bypass to cancel the process. You may enter another check or use the up arrow to exit.

Pay to Name Fraud Block List

A Pay to Name fraud block list scan is run against the name entered in the Pay to line.  Take care to enter the Pay to name in a way that the scan will most effectively be run. If the Pay To Name is a match or partial match to the name in the block list, you will see a Suspect warning message.

My “pay to” name that I am running against a fraud list has a common word, for example LLC, Co., Inc., Incorporated, or Company. What should I enter in the Pay to line?

Learn more about Fraud Block Lists: Overview: Fraud Block Lists

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Bank code

Your credit union's configured bank account code, showing on which bank account this check will be drawn.

Check Printer ID

The check printer ID displays on this screen but cannot be changed here.

Branch #

Use this field to enter the appropriate branch number if your credit union uses branch level accounting.

Misc. expense code

Enter the appropriate Miscellaneous Expense code for this transaction. Click the lookup button for a list of configured codes.

If no code has been configured for the transaction you are performing, type “999” here and proceed to the G/L # field to enter the appropriate G/L account number.

  • NOTE: If you receive an error message, code 999 has been suspended in your credit union's Misc. Receipt/Expense Code configuration, so you must select from the list of configured codes only.)

or G/L account #

If 999 was entered in the Misc. Expense Code field, type the appropriate G/L account number here. Click the lookup button to see a list of your credit union's configured codes.

  • This field should only be used in cases where there is no defined Misc. Expense Code.

Check amount

The total amount of the check, including decimal digits (i.e., for $25.50, type 2550).

Pay to the order of

These lines should be used for the payee name, address, city, state and ZIP code.


Any remitter name can be entered, along with any other information desired (account number, note, etc.).




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