Issue Accounting Check

These steps explain how to print a check drawn against a general ledger account rather than a member account, such as an expense check.


1. Launch tool #667: Print Miscellaneous Checks.

2. Enter a printer ID in the Check printer ID field on the Issue Accounting Checks pop-up.

3. Select the item you wish to issue (money order, cashier's check, etc.) in the Bank Codes list.

4. Click Select.

5. Enter the branch number in the Branch # field on the Issue Accounting Checks screen.

6. Enter the miscellaneous expense code, if configured for your credit union, in the Misc expense code field.

If there is not a miscellaneous expense code configured for your credit union, enter 999 in this field. Then enter the number of the G/L account to debit in the field below.

7. Enter the check amount.

8. Fill in the Pay to the Order of fields with the payee name and address.

9. Fill in the Remitter field with a remitter name or other information, if requested by the member.

10. Click the forward arrow.

11. Click the forward arrow again to issue the check.

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