Posting a Wire Transfer and Fee (2)

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Post Wire Transfer to Member


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Access this screen when selecting to create an outgoing wire on the previous screen. NOTE: The second screen shown above shows the international fields selected.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to perform a wire transfer and complete other tasks in Phone Operator.

Refer to the Wire Transfers in CU*BASE booklet for complete details on how to use these posting screens. (NOTE: A PDF version of this booklet will open.)

Screen Overview

This is the second of three screens used to post a wire transfer (withdrawal or deposit) and associated fee to a member account. Use this screen to enter instructions that will be stored and used to perform the actual wire. All of these fields are optional and can be filled in any way you wish according to credit union procedures.  To view the international fields, click "International address."

Use Enter to proceed to the final screen.

Pay to Fraud Block List

A Pay to Name fraud block list scan is run against the name entered in the Pay to line.  Take care to enter the Pay to name in a way that the scan will most effectively be run. If the Pay To Name is a match or partial match to the name in the block list, you will see a Suspect warning message.

My “pay to” name that I am running against a fraud list has a common word, for example LLC, Co., Inc., Incorporated, or Company. What should I enter in the Pay to line?

Learn more about Fraud Block Lists: Overview: Fraud Block Lists


An OFAC scan will first be run on the person or organization name receiving the wire.  (NOTE: OFAC scans and are not run on wires sent to International addresses.)

Country Fraud Block List

After the OFAC scan a Country Fraud Block list is run against the Country entry on International wires.

Learn more about fraud block lists: Overview: Fraud Block Lists

What rules should be followed when entering a country name to a “country” transaction attribute fraud block list?

What happens when a match or partial match is found to an entry on a pay to name or country denial fraud block list?




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