ATM/Debit Card Maintenance - Account Level

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ATM/Debit Card Maintenance


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Access this screen by entering an account, a card number, or the first four digits of the card number on the ATM/Debit Account/Card Lookup screen. If this screen is accessed via the Cards/OTB Product Inquiry, the card number will be masked.  You can also access this screen when closing an account or membership by selecting ATM/Debit Card Maint (F9) on the Close Accounts screen.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to ATM/debit/credit cards.

For more information about performing daily maintenance on ATM/Debit cards refer to the Daily Maintenance of ATM and Debit Cards manual. Step by Step instructions for common tasks are included.

Screen Overview

Use this screen as a starting point to view and perform maintenance on ATM and Debit cards for a specific member. All cards, regardless of status, will appear on this screen. From this screen you can also select to order a new card for a member.

Plastics Fraud Block List

A plastics fraud block list scan is run against the person who whom the card is being ordered or reordered.  If the name is on the list, the employee will be blocked from ordering a card for the member.

How does the plastics denial of service fraud block list work?  Is the employee blocked from opening an ATM, debit, or credit card for the member?  

Learn more about Fraud Block Lists: Overview: Fraud Block Lists

Option Descriptions

Option Name



Select a card and use this option to view or select the accounts associated with this card.


Select a card and use this option to see the number of times this card was used.


Select a card and use this option to see a listing of the activity on this card. This will allow you to access the detailed ATM/Debit Card Inquiry screen.

Change Status

Select a card and use this option to change the status of the card.

Reorder Card/PIN

Select a card and use this option to reorder a card of a PIN of the card for the member.  You can also use this to cancel a same-day card order.


Select a card and use this option to close a card permanently.


Select this option to move to the Card View to perform the same of the same maintenance options available on this screen and more detail on the card itself.

Card Status History

Select a card and use this option to see a history of status changes for this card.





Add Card (F6)

Use this to create a new card for the account selected. This is only available from this screen.

  • Refer to Question: My member is the primary account holder and wants to get a brand new ATM/Debit Card. How do I order him or her a card? in the Daily Maintenance of ATM and Debit Cards manual..

  • A scan is run against the member's name to see if there is a match to the plastics fraud block list. See note above.




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