Changing ATM/Debit/Online Credit Card Status

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Change Card Status


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This screen is accessed when changing a card status by selecting a card and the Card Status option on the Credit Card Maintenance screen or the on the ATM Card Maintenance screen. Is also accessed when selecting Close from that screen.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to ATM/debit/credit cards.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to change the status of a card. Use the Select button to access a screen to view your available status codes, then use Update (F5) to finalize the selection.

If the status change is a hot status,once you use Update (F5) on the status code selection screen, you will be presented with a warning message.  You must select Update (F5) to finalize the status change. At this point, the status will be changed in CU*BASE.  

You will then receive a notification screen indicating whether this status change has been accepted by the vendor.   This screen will either say that the status is accepted, no vendor reply was received or if it was unsuccessful.

Additional Resources

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