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Member Tracker Review


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This screen is displayed when you use Tracker Review (F21) on any Account Inquiry screen (Share,Checking, Certificate or Loan) or the Transaction History screen.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to create a collections Tracker.

Screen Overview

This screen is “Tracker Central” for reviewing your Trackers and performing actions related to them. This screen allows you to review existing Trackers for an account. It also allow you to access several Tracker related screens though the buttons on the screen.

Remember that in this context, a Tracker is a single record that may contain one or many individual conversation notes. You can maintain any existing Tracker record by adding new notes to it (you cannot edit text from a previous conversation note), or you can use Tracker Entry (F20) to start a completely new Tracker record. Follow your credit union's policies about when Trackers should be updated and when new ones should be set up. Additionally, you can access the follow-ups for this member by using F17-Work Followups.

If this member has many Trackers, enter criteria into any of the Search Criteria fields at the top of the screen and use Enter to quickly scroll to the first item in the list that matches. Remember that Trackers can be attached to individual sub-accounts, such as a loan or checking account.

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Sales Tracker

Field Descriptions

Field name




Account Type
Tracker type


These fields can be used to search for a specific Tracker. Enter the desired criteria and use Enter to refresh the screen. The system will display Tracker entries that match your search criteria.

  • To see all Trackers again, clear all of the search fields and use Enter.


The date the Tracker was entered.


The time the Tracker was entered.


The account type suffix. Remember that Trackers can be attached to individual sub-accounts, such as a loan or checking account.


The word/phrase which was entered during Tracker creation.

Speaking With

The member or other party who was contacted.


A category code indicating the type of Tracker. These are credit-union configured.

  •  The code XX is used for Collection Card Trackers. Other types of Trackers include Sales Tracker and Audit Tracker.


The employee ID for the teller or other employee which entered the Tracker.





Consolidate (F15)

Use this to move a conversation from one Tracker to another of the same Tracker type. This is useful for cleaning up a member’s Trackers, especially if they have more than one Tracker of a specific Tracker Type. Once all of the conversations are moved off of a Tracker so that it is empty, it will be deleted, leaving only those Trackers containing conversations.

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What are my consolidation options?

Work Follow-ups (F17)

Use this to access the Work with Follow-ups screen where you can view and work follow-up entries that have been made for this member.

Tracker Entry (F20)

Use this to create a completely new Tracker.

Read more about why one Tracker per Type may be a better option

Cross Sales Tasks (F21)

Use this to access a members Cross Sales Tasks screen to view any outstanding sales efforts or to create new sales opportunities.

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