One Tracker or Multiple Trackers?

Choosing Standards for Your Trackers

Remember that any Tracker type can contain as many (or as few) individual conversations as needed. That means you can choose two different ways to handle Trackers, as described below. The method is up to you—just be sure your staff understands the way you want Trackers to be set up and maintained for your members.

We recommend that you only have one Tracker for the standard system Trackers, such as the Collections Tracker (XX), Sales Tracker (ST), and Notice Tracker (NT). This is so that all Tracker conversations for a selected member appear on one Tracker—it keeps things neat and easy to access. For certain Tracker Types, such as a Member Service Tracker, you may select to have multiple Trackers for each incident. For example, a member may have a problem that takes several Tracker entries to resolve and then five years later has another problem. You may wish to create a separate Member Service Tracker to record the conversations relating to the new issue to keep them separate.

Special Note on the Collections (XX) Tracker

A Collection Card tracker used specifically to maintain a complete record of all collections efforts pertaining to the member. As a rule, there should be only one Collection Card tracker (type XX) per member. For more guidelines on using Collection Card trackers, refer to CU*BASE Collections Overview.


Below is a table to help you determine which method is best for your credit union.

Have multiple Trackers of the same Type and want to consolidate them? CU*BASE allows you to consolidate Trackers by Type using the Combine Tracker Conversations or though Consolidate (F15) on the Tracker Review screen. Once you have one Tracker of that type, you can configure the Tracker configuration so that only one Tracker of that type is allowed by unchecking the “allow multiple trackers of this type per membership” box.


Method 1: Create New Tracker Records

Method 2: Maintaining Ongoing Trackers


Create new Tracker records every time a new issue or topic comes up with the member, recording just one or a few conversations on that particular issue.

Similar to the Collection Card tracker, create one blanket Member Service tracker and then update that with notes about every member service issue that ever comes up throughout the life of the membership.


Each individual issue is self-contained in one Tracker to make it easy to follow a single issue from start to resolution.

One place to look at all related conversations from the entire life of the membership.


Multiple Tracker records for the same membership; can view conversations from only one Tracker at a time.

Multiple conversations may represent many different threads over time; could become too long to be manageable.


Should configure more specific Tracker Type codes to separate different types of member issues (phone calls, teller issues, etc.).

Will generally need only a few general-purpose Tracker Type codes, such as XX for the Collection Card, an all-purpose Member Service Issues code, and maybe one for miscellaneous tracking.

Member Maintenance

Use Tracker Entry from the Account Inquiry screen to create new Tracker records for new issues. (Use Tracker Review to maintain existing issues/follow-ups.)

Use Tracker Review from the Account Inquiry screen and update the existing Tracker record for all new issues. (Use Tracker Entry only if creating the first Tracker record for a new member.)



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