Combine Tracker Conversations

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Combine Tracker Conversations


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #231: Combine Tracker Conversations.

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Screen Overview

Use this screen to consolidate your Trackers by Tracker Type. You can choose to combine all Trackers of a specific type across all memberships (members) or select a specific member and combine just that member’s Tracker (of a selected type into one Tracker).


NOTE:  With either selection, you can select a custom name for your new combined Tracker.  If you do not enter a name in this field, then the name of the Tracker that was created first is used.  This name is also called a "Reference" on various screens.

Press Enter and a warning message will appear.


Use Combine (F16) to consolidate the Trackers. When combined, Tracker conversations will be listed from newest to oldest by the time that the Tracker conversation was created. The Tracker name will the name of the first Tracker of that Type.

Assigning the Combined Tracker a Custom Name

The combined Tracker by default will take the name of the first Tracker created.  If you wish to assign your combined Tracker a different name enter your custom name in the "Custom name for combined conversation" field. (This may be helpful for many collections departments that want to combine collections Trackers, but whose original Tracker does not have a generic name of “Collection Card.”)

Report Sample

A report will print listing the number of Trackers that were combined and the placement of the Trackers on the combined Tracker. (Note the New Conversation # - this indicates the placement of the conversation on the combined Tracker.) If a specific member is not selected, the report will include a listing of all members, similar to the one listed below.


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