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Tracker File Review


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This screen appears when you use “View” on an existing Tracker on the initial Tracker File Review screen.

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Learn more about permanent underwriting comments in the Configuring Tools for Your Loan Team booklet.

Screen Overview

This screen shows all conversation notes that are part of this complete Tracker record. Each note includes the date, time, and Employee ID of the person who created the note, as well as the Memo Type code, Need Group and Task assigned to the note. Notice that the total number of conversation notes on this Tracker is shown in the upper corner of the screen.

Conversation notes will be in chronological order, starting with the most recent note at the top. Use Sort Contact Date (F11) to reverse the order, putting the notes in order from oldest to newest going down. Use the button again to return to the original sort order.

Enter a date into the Position to date field at the top of the screen and press Enter to move quickly to a particular date (refers to the creation date on the note).

The maximum number of conversations allowed on this Tracker is 999,999,999.

Permanent Underwriting Comments

This screen is used to view permanent underwriting comments.  To view these permanent comments, just select the “View Underwriting Trackers” button from the Underwriting Comments screen, and you are taken directly to this screen, filtered to show only the permanent underwriting comments.  (NOTE:  The number next to Conversations" at the top of this screen indicates the total number of conversation on that Tracker.  It does not indicate the number of permanent underwriting comments.)


When done, use Backup (F3) to return to the previous screen.

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