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Block List (Service) (Inquiry)


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Access this screen by selecting a service denial from the main Blocked Persons List. The screen is either an update or view version depending on how the initial screen was displayed.

Additionally access a view-only version of the new membership denials screen when using Blocked Persons List (F17) while opening or maintaining and account (Tool #3), updating membership information (Tool #15), updating account information (Tool #20), or working with non-members (Tool #997), or when adding a new secondary name to an account or when opening a online membership application to approve it.

This screen is also accessed from the main Blocked Persons List if "Search Mbr All Lists" is selected. In this case it is used as an Inquiry to see what service denial block lists the person is on.  NOTE:  This Inquiry  does not include any transaction attribute block lists. (See second picture above.)

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Single Channel Denial of Service Block

How is a denial of service fraud block list different than a transaction attribute fraud block list?

Single channel denial of service block lists simply stop a member (SSN/TIN) from enrolling or using a particular feature or service altogether. Where the employee will see the block warning is linked to below.

Using this Screen

This is the first screen used to maintain or view your credit union's Blocked Persons list for the service selected on the previous screen.

Also referred to as a “Fraud Alert” list, this database allows you to record names and organizations to this list.

Using this Screen if the Inquiry Version is Accessed

(See second picture above)

If this screen is access via main Blocked Persons List then "Search Mbr All Lists," use the search fields on this screen to inquire which service denial block lists the member has been added to.  NOTE: This does not include any transaction attribute lists the member has been added to.  Learn more How can I tell if a member is on more than one fraud block list?  For example, I may want to remove a membership from all block lists.

How Denial of Service Fraud Block Lists Work

Special Handling of New Membership Fraud Block List

See this topic for rules on adding an entry to this list.

This database is designed as a supplement to the “Deny Membership” flag available on the non-member record. That flag works great for situations where you have a valid SSN for an individual. Simply create a non-member record with all available information and check the flag, and the system will warn when that person attempts to open a new membership in the future.

However, if there is no valid SSN available, creating a non-member record with a “fake” SSN and setting the deny flag would not work. If the person came in to join and gave a different SSN than the one used to create the record, the system could not stop it. In some cases, you may not even have enough information to create a non-member record in the first place. This is a good use for the Blocked Persons database.

NOTE: When writing off a loan or charging of a savings or checking account, you can add a person to this list by checking "Add member to blocked person's list."

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