Updating Non-Member Information

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Non-Member Information


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Access this screen by entering a SSN in the entry screen and pressing Enter. Or click Non Member (F12) from the Non-Member Organizational Information screen. This is the Individual version of this screen.

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Screen Overview

This screen is used to update information about a non-member. The same screen is used regardless of the relationship this non-member has to your credit union: a joint owner or misc. owner on another membership, an applicant on a loan, a beneficiary, etc.

If the non-member is an organization, not an individual, use Organization (F12) to switch to an organization name format. Use Individual (F12) to enter an individual name (first, middle initial, last).

Viewing Non-Member Notes and Non-Member OFAC Scans

You can enter notes on the non-member that will become part of the permanent record of the non-member.  If configured, the notes will also be converted to be part of the membership Tracker record should the non-member become a member.  You can also view OFAC scans run on the non-member from the non-member screen.  

Use Non-Member Notes (F18) to add a note and view the OFAC scans.  Learn more about Non-Member Notes

Scanning Alerts

If your credit union has activated the automated OFAC Scan in your Workflow Controls, this scan will run automatically when records are created or modified.

If your credit union has activated ID check use the ID Check (F12) to run and ID check on the member for Red Flag ID verification. Please Note that there is a charge for each scan. This can be included in your Workflow Controls, but it must be activated. Contact LenderVP at https://www.lendervp.com for more information or the Experian Authentication Services brochure.

If this screen is accessed when adding a non-member during membership creation or update, an Risk Assessment (F14) button will appear. Use this button to access the Qualifile Risk Assessment screens,  

Use the Blocked Persons (F17) feature to view your Blocked Persons/Fraud Alert database for a possible match to this new member. If the Blocked Persons scan feature has been activated in your Workflow Controls, this scan will run automatically when records are created or modified.

Deleting a Non-Member Record

To completely delete a record from the non-member database, use Delete (F4). One warning message will appear:

This record may be linked to memberships
(such as joint owners or IRA beneficiaries).
Continuing may cause problems with those links.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL when deleting a non-member record. Remember that this record may have been created as an IRA beneficiary, joint owner, loan co-signer, or for another reason. Therefore, be sure to research this individual thoroughly before deleting it. (HINT: Use Member Inquiry to look up all relationships this individual has with your credit union, by SSN/TIN.)

Field Descriptions

See also: Photo ID on File Indicator

Most fields on this screen are similar to those used for updating master membership information. (Refer to the Master screens for more information: Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3.) Following are fields that are unique to non-member records:

Field Name


Deny Membership

Check this box to prevent a membership from being opened for this person. If this exact SSN is entered when opening a new membership, the system will display an error message and prevent a membership from being opened.

This box will be checked automatically if the Deny Membership feature was used in the Open Memberships process for this person (a non-member record is created in those cases and this flag checked, along with the Denial Type code and date).

In addition, if your credit union activated the OFAC Scan on Account Open feature and a match was found on the OFAC list while attempting to open an account for this person, this flag is automatically checked.


Using the Deny Membership Feature

Using the CU*BASE Data Match System for OFAC Compliance

Blocked Persons/Fraud Alert Database

Denial Reason

If the Deny membership flag is checked, choose one of your credit union's configured Denial Types to record the reason for the denial. Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union's configured codes.

Denial Date

If the Deny membership flag is checked, use this to record the date of the denial.


If your credit union offers non-member teller services, this flag can be used to control whether or not this non-member has been “qualified” to receive those services. Enter either a Y (allow) or an N (not allow) in this field.

  • NOTE: For this flag to be obeyed by the non-member teller system, a control flag must be activated. See the Non-Member Teller Services booklet for configuration instructions.

Sort field

Use this field to enter any credit union-defined code (numbers or characters), which can then be helpful when performing Queries or otherwise working with your non-member database.

Letter code

Use this field to enter a code to tag member accounts for use with custom inquiries or reports, or when downloading data for mailing labels or other uses.

SEE ALSO: Using Letter Codes to Tag Member Accounts




Delete (F4)

Use this to delete this non-member record from the database.

Organization (F12)

Use this to change the non-member record from an Individual account to an Organization one.

ID Check (F13)

Use this to view a previous ID check scan run on a member.  This feature is no longer available.

Verify Name (F15)

Use this to complete an OFAC scan.

Blocked Persons (F17)

Use this to manually run a scan of the non-member's name and SSN against your configured Blocked Persons/Fraud Alert list.  (A view-only version of this screen will be accessed.)

Non-Member Notes (F18)

Use this to add a permanent note about the non-member and to view OFAC scans run on the non-member.  

SEE ALSO: Non-Member Notes

More Contact #s (F19)

Use this option to Add, Edit, Delete, or View additional contact numbers attached to the non-member record.

Additional Fields on This Screen

Most fields on this screen are similar to those used for updating master membership information. Refer to the Master screens for more information. (Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3).

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