Verify Membership Creation

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Verify Individual/Organization Membership Creation


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Screen Overview

This screen appears after all member information has been entered, and provides one last chance to confirm that this membership account should actually be opened or if it should be denied and a non-member record created.

Check the Proceed to link secondary names (joint/misc./beneficiaries/etc. check box if you wish to proceed to the Secondary Names setup screens after the membership account is opened, to add secondary names to the new base share account (suffix 000).

Creating the Membership

There are two ways to continue creating the membership account:

Once the account has been opened, if you checked the Secondary names flag you'll proceed to the Secondary Names Linked to This Account screen next. After you have used finished on that screen, printing confirmation windows will appear next to allow you to print any Member Account Forms (TIS disclosures, etc.) that have been configured for new memberships.

Using the Deny Membership Feature

If after verifying the new member's information you decide to deny membership, click the Deny Membership button now. The initial Member Service Denial Notices screen will appear so that you can print a denial notice.

The system automatically will create a non-member record using all of the information entered on the previous screens. If the denial notice is actually printed, the Deny membership flag automatically will be checked on that non-member record to prevent the same person from attempting to open a membership again later.

ยท     CU*TIP: If you do this by mistake, remember that a non-member record is created immediately when you click the Deny Membership button. You can repeat the steps for opening a new membership, and when you enter this same SSN/TIN again there will be a window showing you the non-member record so that you can copy the information into a new membership. As long as the denial notice was not actually printed, it will not be necessary to override anything to create the new membership.

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