Modifying or Viewing Secondary Names: Single Account

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Secondary Names Linked To This Account


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This screen will appear when opening new memberships (if requested on the confirmation screen). It will also appear after selecting an account type on the initial Modify Secondary Names Information screen, or when you click the Secondary Names buttons on Account Inquiry screens.

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Screen Overview

This screen is used to view, modify, or add joint owners, misc. owners and/or beneficiaries to a member account. The same screen is used for all types of share sub-accounts, including savings, checking, and certificates.

You can link an unlimited number of joint owner, misc. owner, and/or beneficiary names on any savings/checking or certificate account. All names listed here are simply links between this member record and another member or non-member record.

When adding a new secondary name, if the person does not yet exist in either your member, non-member, or closed member records, the system will allow you to create a new non-member record with the name and address information. This requires that you obtain a valid SSN/TIN for the joint/misc. owner or beneficiary.

Updating an Old Secondary Name

You may run across secondary names on some of your accounts that do not show a SSN/TIN, Member Type, Print Name, or Ownership Type in the list. These are joint owners or beneficiaries that were converted from the previous joint owner and member account files prior to 2005.

Once you obtain a valid SSN/TIN for these owners, you can select the name in the list, click Change, and proceed as if creating a new secondary name record to enter the person's account number or SSN/TIN. If a record already exists, the link will be made. If not, you will need to create a new non-member record at this time.

Adding or Modifying a Secondary Name

Copying Secondary Names from Another Account

If this member is opening a new account, and you wish to duplicate the secondary name links that are already in place on another of this member's accounts, use Copy from (F18).  You will be able to select which account to copy from, and then which name(s) to copy.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



If this name is a link to a valid member or non-member account, the SSN/TIN will appear here. See above for notes about updating an old joint owner name where a link does not exist.

Secondary Name

The joint owner, misc. owner or beneficiary name.

  • Remember that the heading on this column may change depending on the Membership Designation assigned to this account.

Membership Type

This will read either Member, Non-Member, or Closed Member.

  • NOTE: If this reads Closed Member, when you update the record the system will automatically create a non-member record, pulling information from the closed master record, then the link will be to the non-member record from that point on.

Print Name

(Applies to joint owners only). If checked, this name will appear on member statements and other correspondence wherever joint owner names are normally included. Only two names per sub-account can be flagged to print on correspondence.

To change this setting, select the record in the list and click Change, then check the Print name on correspondence flag. (Since only two names can be flagged this way, you may need to remove the checkmark on a different joint owner name first.)

Relationship Type

This column shows the type of link:

B = Beneficiary

J = Joint Owner 

  • NOTE: Regardless of what the label reads (such as “Trustee” or “Guardian”), the record in the file is marked with a "J" type.

M = Misc Owner 

  • NOTE: Regardless of what the label reads (such as “Benef Owner” or “POD”), the record in the file is marked with a "M" type.

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