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Phone/Contact Numbers 



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #3 Open/Maintain Memberships/Accounts or via Phone Operator/Inquiry Name/Address Maintenance, then choose the Membership Info option, then More Contact #s.

When updating or creating a membership, the first two preferred contact numbers may be entered on the initial membership maintenance screen in Tool #3, or entered on the second member information maintenance screen in the Name/Address Maintenance tools in Phone Operator or Inquiry, using the spyglass to look up the standard label as created in Tool #1330 Phone Label Configuration, or entering a label as appropriate for the member's information.

On these screens, if more contact numbers already exist for a member, a notation will appear below the two primary contact numbers indicating "More Contact Numbers Exist" with a Go! button that will launch the user to view these numbers, or the user can select the More Contact #'s (F18) option to access this screen.

TIP: You will often see labels with a ? at the end (such as “HOME?” or “WORK?”).  Those were labels assigned during the conversion process when the new phone number database was first implemented. The question mark means the label is unconfirmed; it should be adjusted according to the member’s situation. 

Using This Screen

On this screen, the member's various contact numbers are listed by sequence, including the phone number, any associated extension, the label for the phone number, and whether the number is International, Mobile, Wrong, or if it can receive texts (not this is not an indication of text banking - the member's text banking status and enrollment phone number is listed on the top of the screen). Below is an overview of each indicator and what they mean:

International: This label indicates the number is international, and the number itself will appear in the comments field.

Text Messages: This box indicates that this number can receive text messages, but note that this number does not enroll the member in text banking, nor does this number transfer to the member's text banking settings.  

Wrong #: This label indicates an incorrect number for a member.

Mobile: This label indicates that the listed number is a mobile/cell number. Some EFT vendors will accept this number as the mobile number (verify with your vendor if they accept this number).

EFT Day: A Y in this field indicates that the number will be used as the "secondary" phone number for ATM/Debit and Credit card orders.

EFT Night:  A Y in this field indicates that this number will be  used as the "primary" phone number for ATM/Debit and Credit card orders. This field will appear in the card activation information.


To add a phone number, select the Add (F6) function and enter the appropriate information on the following screen. The phone number will automatically be sequenced using the next available number; if you wish the new number to be a different sequence, add the phone number first, then return to this screen to edit it and enter the new sequence number. All phone numbers of lower priority will re-sequence automatically.


How the File Maintenance Log Records Changes to Phone Numbers

Remember that numbers entered here are stored in the master phone database (table name is MASTPH), and also copied back to the original home, cell, and work phone fields in the MASTER and MASTRL membership information tables.  (For an explanation of how this works and why it is done, see the “Why Phone Numbers Are Still Stored in MASTER and MASTRL” section in the Understanding the Phone Number Database help topic.)

Therefore, whenever a phone number is maintained on this screen, your file maintenance log (the CUFMAINT table) will show two entries: one showing the new number being added/changed in the MASTPH table, and another for that number being copied back to the MASTER/MASTRL table.


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