Bill Pay/Person to Person Member Enrollment

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Bill Pay Member Enrollment

Person to Person Member Enrollment


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Access this screen by selecting Go! in front of "Bill Payment Enrollment" and "P2P Enrollment" on the Member Personal Banker screen.

Get the member's perspective with this online bill pay video: Enrolling in It's Me 247 Bill Pay (iPay) (More videos below!)

NOTE:  This screen (accessed via different navigation (shown above) is used to record enrollment in bill pay and P2P.  They are recorded separately.

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Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to bill pay enrollment and other online services. For additional information about offering bill pay services to your members, refer to the following booklets

It's Me 247 Bill Pay Overview and User Guide (Payveris)

It's Me 247 Bill Pay Product Overview and User Guide (iPay)

It's Me 247 Bill Pay Product Overview and User Guide (Fiserv)

It's Me 247 Person to Person (P2P) Overview and User Guide

Screen Overview

This screen is used to review enrolment or unenrollment status of a member in bill pay or Pay Anyone (P2P transfers).  See cautions below about changing members enrollment status below. You can also use this screen to select a different funding account or service change for the member for each product.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Enrollment Status

This will display one of the following to indicate the status of this member's enrollment with the bill payment service selected by the credit union:

Pending (P) - Enrollment was submitted but has not yet been approved.

Enrolled (E) - This member is current enrolled and can use bill pay to pay bills or make P2P transfers, depending on what service the member is enrolled in.

Un-enrolled (U) - This member was previously enrolled in bill pay/P2P services but has been un-enrolled. (If un-enrolled during the current month, normal service charges for that month will still be assessed.)


It is recommended that you have the member enroll and unenroll in bill pay and Pay Anyone in online banking.  

IMPORTANT: If you make a status change with this field, you must also make a change on the vendor website.  (iPay enrollments will be communicated to the vendor, but it is still a recommended practice to also make the change in the iPay vendor website.)

Enrollment date

The date on which the member enrollment was accepted (changed to “Enrolled” status).

  • NOTE: If the member was enrolled once, then un-enrolled, then enrolled again at a later date, this will show the most recent enrollment date.

Unenrollment date

If the member was enrolled and then chose to unenroll, this will show the date on which the member was un-enrolled.

This shows the date when the status changed to an "Unenrolled" status.

Service charge group

If this member is subject to fees for using bill payment, use this field to enter the configured service charge group. Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to display a window showing a list of available codes.

  • NOTE: Members who enroll via It's Me 247 online banking will automatically be assigned service charge code 01. Therefore, if you have a special service charge code set up for employees and Board members, or for your initial beta-test member focus group, it is best to enroll those individual using this CU*BASE screen.

  • Service charge groups be made for bill pay and for P2P; however, if a member uses both services, the member could potentially be feed for both services.

  • Tiered Services and Marketing Club programs can be configured to alter a member's service charge group for bill pay only. P2P service charge groups are not changed with these programs.

  • Some vendors, such as Fiserv do not support service charge groups in CU*BASE.  For this reason, you may not see this field on the screen.

Default account

(Required) Enter the suffix for a checking account from which funds can be taken to pay bills. This field is required.  (NOTE: While making the payment, the member can select a different account with many vendors.)

  • Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to display a window showing a list of accounts for this member can make a payment

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