Loan Application - Miscellaneous Information and Comments

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Loan Application – Miscellaneous Details


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Access this screen by selecting the Misc/Comments button in the loan application screens.

Warning: Since multiple people can be working a loan application at the same time, it is possible for updates to be overridden by another user.  Use caution when making changes on the various loan application screens and be sure to verify the change.

Helpful Resources

How Loan Applications Work with the Household Database

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to loan applications and opening a new loan.

I am a loan officer reviewing the application screens with a loan underwriter and the loan underwriter changes are not being saved. Why is this happening?

I select a loan request and then when I am on the loan application screens, I do not see all ten buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Why is this happening?

A similar screen will appear when maintaining household information, after using the Change option on the Household Members screen.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to answer miscellaneous questions pertaining to financial status for both the applicant and the co-applicant. Place a checkmark as appropriate for each item listed.

This screen also lets you record comments about either applicant, including information about pending judgments, bankruptcy, citizenship, future changes to income levels, etc.

When done, use Enter to save all changes and continue to the Financial Summary screen.

Entering Applicant / Co-Applicant Comments

Click Applicant Comments (F13) to enter comments about the primary applicant. Click Co-Applicant Comments (F14) to enter comments about the co-applicant. When done entering comments, use Enter to save.




Underwriting Comments (F5)

Use this to view or edit Underwriting Comments for this member.

Save/Done (F10)

Use this to exit and return to the Loan Recap or Loan App Check Results screen (if this feature is activated). Any changes made to this screen will be saved.

Plastics/OTB (F12)

Use this to view or change ATM/Debit or other OTB account records for this member. A window will appear first to allow you to choose either the applicant or co-applicant.

Applicant Comments (F13)

Use this to enter comments about the primary applicant.

Co-Applicant Comments (F14)

Use this to enter comments about the co-applicant.




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