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Average Daily Balance Calculator


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This screen appears when you use ADB Calculator (F9) on the Loan/Share Trial Balance Review screen.  It is also accessed by selecting Tool #116: ADB Calculator Savings & Loans) (Shortcut: adb).

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Did you ever want to know what the average daily balance was for your member share accounts over a 2-month period? It’s not easy to calculate, is it? Because there are many days when there is no account balance record in the GLBALA file (such as on Sundays or holidays when processing is not run), you can’t really use Query, because the average calculation will be off due to those missing days.

The Average Daily Balance Calculator was designed for just that purpose, to help you accurately calculate the average daily balance for your Member Trial Balance G/L accounts, including both principal and accrued dividends/interest.

You can calculate the average across any date range, and the system will automatically compute the average properly, taking into account any days where no balance record exists. (For example, if there is no balance record for a Sunday, it will use the balance from Saturday so that the average can be calculated properly. As a specific example; if the total balance for a Saturday is $100,000, your credit union is closed on Sunday (so no balance is recorded), and the balance on Monday is $130,000, the Calculator adds the $100,000 for Saturday, it then assumes the balance of $100,000 for Sunday (the day that no balance was recorded) and adds it,  plus $130,000 for Monday to get a total for the 3 days of $330,000. The,n divided by 3 (number of days), equals a daily average balance over the three days of $110,000.) You can see summary or detail records by branch. You can even export the results to Excel for additional analysis. A great new tool for your management analysis and Board reporting!

Field Descriptions

Be sure to use Enter to refresh the screen after making any changes to your selections.

Field Name



Choose Savings to see only savings balances, or Loans to see loan balances, or Both (the default) to see both types of accounts.


Check this flag to see G/L accounts summarized for all branches. Remove the check mark and press Enter to refresh the list and display each branch/location separately.

Corp ID

Enter the corporate ID to display data for a single corporation. (Default is 01.)


Use this to display balances for a single branch. (Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union’s configured locations.) Leave the field blank to include all branches.

Date range

Use this to specify the starting and ending date range to be included in the calculation. By default, the full previous month will be entered. This can be a single day (enter the same date into both fields) or any range for which GLBALA data exists (may be available all the way back to your initial conversion to CU*BASE).

G/L account

Use this to calculate balances for only a single G/L account. Leave the field blank to include all member trial balance G/Ls.

  • NOTE: In this context, “all” means all of the G/L accounts that are configured as principal or accrual accounts in your share dividend applications, certificate types, and loan categories.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IAVBAL-01.htm