Bill Pay Profile (Analyze This Member)

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Bill Pay Profile




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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1105: Bill Pay Payments Dashbd, then selecting a member and "Analyze This Member."

Get the member's perspective with this online bill pay video: Enrolling in It's Me 247 Bill Pay (More videos below!)

Screen Overview

This screen is an overview analysis of the selected member's payments from current day through the previous 90 days, as well as the last 6 months of top payees, by dollar amount.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Bill pay enrollment

This field shows the date that the member was enrolled in bill pay, as well as the calculated length of time.

Length of membership

This field shows the membership opening date, as well as the calculated length of the membership.

Last payment

This field shows the date of the member's last bill pay payment, as well as the amount.

Average Payments

This column shows the ranges of days by which the remaining columns are sorted.

Transaction Count

This column shows the number of transactions (payments) completed by the member in the designated period.

Dollar Amount

This column shows the total dollar amount of the transactions (payments) completed during the designated period.

Average Amount

This field shows the calculated average amount of the member's payments during the designated period.

Top Payees Last 6 Months

This section shows the three top payees by dollar amount within the last 6 months of payment activity, as well as the transaction count and the total dollar amount of the designated time period.

Button Descriptions

Button Name


Payees (F8)

Use this button to view a list of the member's configured payees, total number of payments, and total dollar amounts per payee.

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