Credit Score History Analysis (2)

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Credit Score History Analysis


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Access this screen by selecting Analysis (F11) on the first Credit Score History Analysis screen.


The analysis screen for the Credit Score History Dashboard is split into six sections:

1. The selection criteria for the group of credit reports is listed at the top. Use the backup arrow to return to the first screen and change your selection criteria.

2. Score trends - this section displays information with respect to how the segment has fared relative to the previous report run for that individual.

3. Report counts & conversions - this section displays information related to whether or not the report was converted to a new loan.

4. The middle section provides the following information:

5. Credit bureau - breaks the group of credit reports by the bureau used to pull the report.  

6. Pull method - breaks the group of credit reports by the pull method (full, manual, or soft)

Clicking the button in any section will return you to the first screen and display only the credit reports associated with that sub-segment of the original group. For example, if you initially reviewed a group of all reports ran in the last 90 days, you can enter the Analysis screen and select the button next to Improved to return only those reports with an improvement in their credit score since the last pull. Use Show Total Reports (F4) to reset back to the selection criteria originally selected.





Show Total Reports (F4)

If you entered the Analysis screen, then selected the button to view detail for a sub-set of the group, using Show Total Reports (F4) will reset back to the full group as determined by the selection criteria.


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