Message Center History

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Member Center History


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Access this screen by selecting "MSG History" (F10) from the Member eAlert/eNotice Maintenance screen or the first member PIB configuration screen.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Subscribing to eNotices & eAlerts (More videos below!)

View All System-Generated Messages to Members in One Place at the Member Level

This Message Center History screen includes a record of e-Notices, e-Alerts, PIB, Member Connect, and e-Statement (notification) online banking messages sent to a member – all on one screen! 

You will be able to view all of this information while you are serving the member.  This CU*BASE screen will not show a message if a member has deleted it in online banking.

See What the Member Sees

The Message Center History screen allows you to filter the messages by Message Type: e-Alerts, e-Notices, e-Statements (notification emails), PIB, and Member Reach.  This mirrors what the member sees in their Message Center in online banking.  

On this screen you can also view a history of PIB-related messages sent to the member including security alerts as well as notifications of changes to the member's PIB Profile.

Filtering Features

Additional Features

Additional features include:

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