Working with Fee Counters

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Fee Master Inquiry


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #901: Update Member Fee Master (Shortcut: feecor).

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On occasion, a member may question why a certain over-the-counter fee is being charged, or the credit union may wish to modify the “counters” used to determine whether or not a member should be charged a fee. This can be done using the Fee Master Inquiry/Maintenance feature.

This inquiry/update screen is a fee “counter” program which tallies all fees incurred by a member for items such as cashed checks, deposited items, credit union printed checks, etc. Although the system will automatically provide count and fee information, the counter can be reset manually in special situations.

Start by entering an account number then use Enter to refresh the screen with current totals for that member.

If you need to add a fee counter, select Add (F6).

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Recd Type

The record type indicating the status of this counter (A=Active).

Acct Type

The account type suffix indicating to which account the fee is being charged.

Last Tran Date

The date showing the most recent transaction which affected the fee activity counter. (This date is updated whenever a transaction is posted to a member's account, except for dormancy fees and regular dividend postings.)

Fee Type

A code indicating the type of fee:

CC  Cashed Check   
CF  Printed Check Fee
DI  Deposit Item Fee
MO Printed Money Order Fee
PT Phone Transfer Fee 


A description indicating the type of fee.


This field indicates how often the fee counter is reset to zero (D=Daily, M=Monthly).


This field shows the total number of items presented by the member. For example, if a member has cashed 12 checks since the last time the counter was reset, this field shows 12. This field will include items even if they were not subject to a fee.

If necessary, this field can be reset to zero manually, or can be changed to a different counter number.

Fees Paid

This field shows which fees have already been paid by the member. Fees which are not paid until the end of the month (such as Deposit Item Fees) will not display here, but will be charged at end of month for members subject to these fees.




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