Learn from a Peer: Multi-Credit Union Comparison

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Access this screen by selecting F10-Learn from a Peer from several credit union configuration screens.

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Learn from a Peer was designed to encourage an environment of innovation where we learn from each other’s combined experience. This screen allows you to view the details on multiple credit unions and their configurations, even the percentage of credit unions using the configuration (third column) – all on one screen. You can even access contact information and contact the credit union – all without leaving the screen.

(The “Active” figure to the right shows the total and active credit unions.) Leave the “Show only CUs with active configurations” checked to view only credit unions using this configuration at their credit unions. Select a membership or asset range.  (Membership size is determined by the number of records in the MASTER file.)

Press Enter to refresh the screen.

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IGPEER1-01.htm