Loan Productivity Dashboard

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Loan Productivity Dashboard


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1670 Loan Productivity Dashboard.

About this Dashboard

If you are a credit union that pays commissions based on new loans, knowing exactly which employee is responsible at each step along the way becomes very important. This dashboard makes it easier to know who worked on the loan, to the level of interviewer, approver, collector, and loan closer. At a glance see who did what over a selected month, making it easy to work monthly commissions.

Add this to the power of the filters on the Loan Trial Balance (with credit score added!) to slice and dice your data, and you have one of the most powerful lending dashboards we have introduced.  No more custom queries required: choose what’s important to you and go!  

Using this Screen

Select whether to analyze loans that are open/active, loans that have been closed, or both to advance to the filter selection screen.  



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