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Tracking Products & Services by Member



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #697: Products & Services Per Member.

Practical Uses for this Dashboard


Have you ever wondered whether members who open accounts at your main branch are improving when it comes to products per member (PPM) and services per member (SPM) over time? What is the average PPM during the first month of membership for one branch versus another? Or for one employee versus another? Over time, are these key measurements trending the right way? If one branch tends to have more SPM for new memberships than another branch, might your branch managers have something they could learn from each other?

Whether a branch manager or individual employee, just knowing that it’s possible to get this information quickly might change their behavior.

This tool displays the average PPM and SPM figures from your Tiered Services scoring files. What could tracking PPM and SPM over time mean to your organization?

Use this screen to choose which accounts should be included in the inquiry. For example, you might want to examine the trends for current accounts that were opened since you implemented a new sales training program for your MSRs. Or you can view only accounts that were opened at a certain branch or by a specific employee ID. You can also choose whether to display both PPM and SPM numbers on the same screen, or just analyze one thing at a time.

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