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View OFAC Scans


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Access this screen by selecting Tool 559: OFAC Non-Member Scan History.

Easily Audit Your OFAC Scans on Non-Members

This screen shows scans run on non-members for the last eighteen months, the range most commonly asked for by auditors, although you can choose any range you like.  You can also look for anything contained in a name, a SSN, or scan status that appears in the Scan Result field.  These items must be in the order they appear on the screen and you can use the % sign as a wildcard to separate different pieces of data.

For example, if you enter this in the Look for a name or SSN or scan status containing field, you would find failed OFAC scans for John Member or Mary Johnson:

Enter a date range and any filter information and press Enter to view the results.

This dashboard is based on the CU*BASE OFACNOTE file that records all OFAC non-member scans (and scans that cannot be attached to a MASTER record). 

Following is an example of the contents of the file:


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