Member Identify Verification - Out of Wallet Question

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Member Identity Verification


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Access this screen when entering an account via either Teller or Phone Operator.

This screen may appear, depending on the credit union’s Privacy Controls.

Enter the correct answer to the out of wallet question and use Continue (F5) to advance. Correct answers to two questions are required to enter the account. If four answers exist in the database, use F10 (one time) to pass to the next question. On the third incorrect entry, the account will be locked from entry. (If you enter two incorrect birthdates, for example, this will count as two incorrect entries.)

Questions for individuals include:

  • Last four digits of SSN

  • Birth date (mmddccyy)

  • ZIP code (first five digits only)

  • Mother’s maiden name (if exists on the system)

  • Phone (including area code)

(For organizations the last four digits of the TIN, charter date, phone, and ZIP Code are used.)