Membership Analysis Report

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Membership Analysis Report



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #520: Membership Analysis Report.

How does your credit union track membership counts? Is it by primary share type? Is it by SSN or TIN counts? How many memberships do you actually have per SSN or TIN? What valuable statistics are you missing because collecting and calculating the information is just too tough?

With the CU*BASE Membership Analysis Report, you can get a consistent and reliable count on the key statistics you need for your board packet, regulator reports, and management decision benchmarks. From a breakdown on individual versus organization memberships to an analysis of membership ages, this report gives you the details you need at the touch of a button.

Whether you run it once for an analysis of all types of memberships, or monthly to see the members who joined or left the credit union during the month, this report is key for your next meeting.

You may choose to include only Active memberships, New memberships that were added during the month selected, or memberships that were Closed during the month selected. Leave this field blank to include all memberships.

The complete report (see the sample below) will consist of 3 pages for each corporation: one for all Active memberships (including any new memberships opened within the month selected), one for just New memberships, and one for Closed memberships..

Membership Analysis Report and the Membership Summary Comparison: Intertwined Tools

For an online, graphical inquiry showing this same data, with a side-by-side comparison of two different periods, use the Membership Analysis Inquiry feature (Tool #525 Membership Summary Comparison). Note that the configurations most recently used in this tool (Tool #520) will also be applied to the Membership Summary Comparison tool (Tool #525). Be sure to verify your configurations before making comparisons between the report and the summary comparison.

Understanding This Report

This Knowledge Base item describes the methods of compiling the data displayed on this report, and how to support comparisons between the configurations of this report: We ran the membership analysis report out of Tool #520 Membership Analysis Report, and the totals were off when comparing different months to our known net change. What could cause this?

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Corporate ID

Use this to include memberships from a single corporation; enter 00 to include all corporations.

Month/Year to Process

Enter the month and year for which data should be shown.  Normally three previous months are available.  To run a report using month-end data prior to the months held online, contact a Client Services Representative.  (There is a charge if this service is requested.)

Accounts to include

Use this optional field if you wish to see only select memberships on the report; leave the field blank to include all members.

Active (A) - Use this to include only current memberships from the MASTER file.

New (N) - Use this to include only members that have joined during the selected month.

Closed (C) - Use this to include only memberships that have been closed during the selected month.

Report option

Select whether to include written off loans in the totals or separately.

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