Overview: Private Contacts (Contact Us Requests)

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Basic Outline of Events of Using Private Contacts (All Features Activate)

This section covers a basic outline of what you can do with the Private Contacts feature if you activate all its features. 

ABC Credit Union has set up the Contact Us feature to allow for replies and for the conversations to be copied to a Tracker.  Here is an outline of how the feature works.

  1. Marty Member logs in to It’s Me 247 or Mobile Banking and has a question about his signature loan.  He clicks Contact Us and enters a subject line and a question, checks a box to direct his inquiry to the loan department, and provides a phone number at which to be contacted. 

  2. Sarah Employee is working the online banking requests queue and sees Marty’s request appear.  She opens it and reads the message.

  3. Sarah then composes a reply to Marty’s message, telling him that John in the loan department will be contacting Marty about his question on his loan, calling him at the number that Marty designated.

  4. Sarah sends the reply, copying the conversation to a Tracker note that she flags for follow-up by John’s employee ID.  At the same time Marty’s request is deleted from the queue, since she has completed the initial response. 

  5. The next time Marty logs in to It’s Me 247, he sees Sarah’s reply. 

  6. The Tracker follow-up alerts John in the loan department that he needs to contact Marty.  He reads a copy of both Marty’s request and Sarah’s reply in the Tracker note and follows up as instructed, marking the Tracker complete (or creating another follow-up, if needed). 

This process can be repeated as often as needed but each message and response is its own separate request/reply set, and each is copied to a separate Tracker conversation string.  However, because these will all be recorded under the same Tracker Type, all conversations with the member via this channel are easily viewable via the Tracker review screen.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#Overview_Private_Contacts.htm