Printing Automated/Mail Checks

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Automated/Mail Check Printing


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #632: Print Auto/Mail Checks.

  • SEE ALSO: Automated/Mail Check Printing System

  • TIP: If you access this tool but don’t do anything, when you use the up arrow (F7) to exit, a report will still be generated to your printer. If you simply want to see whether there are any checks to print or not without a report being produced, we recommend using Tool #631 Print Auto/Mail Check Audit List instead. That tool will also display the # of records in the file, but if you exit without doing anything no report will be generated.

This screen is used to print checks that have been auto-generated from Club processing, as well as from other areas in CU*BASE. Notice the Number in File column showing how many checks are awaiting printing. This number will decrease as batches of checks are printed. Once it reaches zero, check printing is complete for that check type.

For each check type that should be printed, first place a checkmark in the Print field. Then use the Number to be Printed field to indicate how many of the checks should print at this time.

  • BE CAREFUL: If there is a checkmark in the Print field, and the Number to be Printed field is blank, all checks in that file will be printed automatically when Enter is used. If you wish to do a test run of a few checks first, be sure to fill in the Number to be Printed field.

Be sure check paper has been loaded into the designated printer, then use Enter to begin printing. You will see a message showing progress. When the checks have printed, the following message will appear:

Check printing complete. Use F5 to print more, F7 to end.

Use Refresh (F5) to update the totals in the Number in File column. If additional checks still need to be printed, the Number in File column will show the total remaining. When done, use the up arrow (F7) to return to the Home Page.

If you experience problems during printing, such as jammed paper, it will be necessary to reprint checks using the Reprint CU Checks feature. Depending on your check printer, it may be helpful to print small batches of 5 or 10 at a time, to make reprinting easier should a problem occur.

As batches of checks are produced, the system will automatically create a report for verification purposes. If any errors occurred during printing, this report would display an error message and provide subtotals of both valid and invalid checks at the bottom of the report for verification.

  • NOTE: In most cases, the name and address of the “Pay to” will be printed on the middle portion of the check stub to fit into a standard window envelope. (The exception is certificate redemption checks; there is not enough room for the address on the stub in this case.) To keep it from being obvious that a check is enclosed, be sure to fold the check so that that middle portion appears in the window.

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