Reprinting Checks

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Re-Print Issued Checks


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This screen is accessed by selecting Tool #760: Reprint Corporate Checks (Shortcut: reprint).

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to reprint checks and complete other tasks related to voiding teller/member checks.

Screen Overview

This is the first part of the screen used to reprint a check or money order that is damaged or has a typographical error which does not affect the amount. This feature is intended to reprint the check or money order the same day the error was made; checks and money orders cannot be reprinted after end-of-day has been processed.

When you use this option the original item is flagged as spoiled. The general ledger is not affected because the amount did not change.

  • NOTE: If the check or money order needs to be voided, or to spoil checks that have not yet been printed (for example, if you spilled coffee on a batch of pre-numbered check stock), use the CU Check/Bank Reconciliation feature to mark the checks as spoiled.

When all fields have been filled, use Enter to display the second part of the screen. Make changes to the Payee information and Remitter name, if necessary, then use Enter. A confirmation screen appears to allow you to check all data. Use Print to print the check.

  • NOTE: The name and address of the “Pay to” for this check will be printed on the middle portion of the check stub to fit into a standard window envelope. (The only exception is certificate redemption checks; there is not enough room for the address on the stub in this case.) To keep it from being obvious that a check is enclosed, be sure to fold the check so that that middle portion appears in the window.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Bank Code

Enter your credit union's 2-digit bank code, showing on which bank account this check or money order was drawn. Click the lookup button 3to see a list of configured bank codes.

Check Printer Id

Enter the ID of the printer which is set up to print checks/money orders.

Spoiled Check Number

Enter the check number of the spoiled check or money order.

New Check Number

This field only appears if you use a sheet-feed printer. Enter the next number to be used on the reprinted check or money order. Otherwise, the system automatically provides the next number.

Member Account#

This field should be blank when printing checks which do not affect a member's account.

Check Date

This field should always contain the current date.

Check Amount

The amount of the check. The amount CANNOT be changed on this screen. If a check amount was wrong, it must be voided. See your accounting department for guidance on voiding a check.

Pay To The Order Of

Make any changes to the payee name, address, city, state or ZIP code.


Make any changes necessary to the remitter name.




New Bank/Printer (F5)

This button clears the Spoiled Check Number field and moves the cursor back to the first field on the screen.

Skip (F8)

This button clears the Spoiled Check Number field; the cursor does not move to a different field.


This button to print the check.