Enrolling Members into a Marketing Club - Automatic Enrollment

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Auto-Enroll Marketing Club Members



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #167: Auto-Enroll Marketing Club Members.

NOTE: If you have not already created and run the Query as described below, you may receive an error message when attempting to access this screen. If the error message appears, cancel (“C”), run the Query, then try again.

Relationship Management, demographic groupings, and marketing to a member's needs are all concepts that are moving more and more credit unions to use the CU*BASE Marketing Clubs feature. However, promoting the ease of joining a club can be a problem if each enrollment requires a special visit or a phone call to a member service representative. Depending on the club, an automated enrollment and a follow-up letter may better fit the situation.

The Automated Club Enrollment feature allows your credit union to make use of your existing member database and choose a group of members for club enrollment. By first defining key selection parameters, CU*BASE can compile an enrollment file for processing. This file is then applied to the club enrollment procedure and the credit union is off to the races with a brand new relationship management tool.

Step-By-Step Process

1.   Configure a Marketing Club and define the basic parameters for the club, including fees and benefits.

2.   Use the CU*BASE Report Builder (Query) to define the selection criteria needed to choose members for club enrollment.

3.   Run the Query to create a database file called NCLBMBR (must be stored in FILExx, where xx is your 2-character credit union ID). This file will be used during the actual enrollment process to identify which members should be enrolled.

4.   Use the “Auto-Enroll Marketing Club Mbrs” feature described below to enroll all members found in the database file into the club. At this time you may choose how club fees should be handled for this group of members, as well.

Auto-Enrolling Members

This screen is used to take all of the members selected by a Query and enroll them into the designated Marketing Club. At the bottom of the screen is a verification section showing the number of members the system found in the NCLBMBR file. Check this information against the number of accounts you found when running the Query, to ensure that the correct number of members will be enrolled.

All fields must be completed to define the Club into which the members should be enrolled, as well as the fee parameters for each member being enrolled. See below for details.

When ready, use Enter to confirm all entries, then use Enroll Members (F5) to complete the enrollment process and return to the Home Page.

Report Notes

A report will automatically be generated after the enrollment process is complete. Depending on the criteria used in the Query you created, the system may encounter duplicate members being enrolled into the Club. (For example, if the Query specifies members with checking accounts, some members may have more than one.) This will not cause a problem for the enrollment (the member will only be enrolled once), but you will see the message “*** Already exists ***” on the report to indicate the duplication. This will affect the total number of members added as compared to the number of records found when the Query was originally run.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Club ID

Enter the three-character Club ID for the club into which members should be enrolled. This was defined when the marketing club was configured.

Waive club fee

Enter one of the following to control how club dues should be set up for all of the members being enrolled:

Always waive (A) - Always waive the Club dues for these members. These members would never be charged the normal fee for belonging to this Club. This setting should also be used for Clubs which do not have fees.

Waive First time only (F) - Waive the Club dues only the first time (i.e., month, quarter, year) it is due for these members. From that point on, the Club fee should be charged as usual.

Never waive (N) - Never waive the Club dues for these members. These members should be charged the normal Club fee every time according to the Club configuration.

NOTE: This setting can be adjusted for individual members once the enrollment process is completed using the Work with Marketing Club Members feature.

Fee dividend application

Enter the Dividend Application code to indicate the account type from which the Club fee should be taken for these members. (For example, if the fee is to be assessed to the member's checking account, you would enter “CK” here.) If this Club does not have fees, enter “SH” here.

  •  Any valid Dividend Application can be used, even if different from the one set up in Club configuration. However, if you enter a code other than SH for your base share account, be aware that every member of this Club must have an account of this type in order to be charged properly.

NOTE: This setting can be adjusted for individual members once the enrollment process is completed using the Work with Marketing Club Members feature.

Anniversary date

Enter the date that should be shown as the anniversary date on each member's Club enrollment record. The system will default to the current date, but this can be changed to a different date if desired.

  • NOTE: If the Club is configured to assess fees based on the Anniversary Date, rather than the Next fee date in the Club configuration, this date is used to determine the normal fee date for these members. Therefore, you could choose to enter a date on which you want fees to be assessed, such as the first or last day of the month.

NOTE: This setting can be adjusted for individual members once the enrollment process is completed using the Work with Marketing Club Members feature.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#PCLBENRL-01.htm