Writing Off/Charging Off a Loan Account (2)

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Write Off or Charge Off Loan Account


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Access this screen by after entering and account number and base on the entry screen and pressing Enter.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete a write off/charge off.

Write-Off/Charge-Off Tools booklet.

Screen Overview

This screen displays various information about the loan, such as the interest rate, payment frequency, and date opened and is a summary of what the loan looks like at write-off or charge-off.  This should be used to ensure that you have accessed the correct loan and that the numbers match as expected.  These fields are collected at write-off and charge-off for  research purposes. (See below for a description of all of the fields on this screen.)

In the middle of the screen you can maintain the collateral while on this screen.  

When dealing with secured loans, it is always a good step to review the collateral attached to the loan. Select the Update button next to the Estimated value of collateral field.  This will take you to the screen where you can begin to maintain the collateral. This is a good place to adjust the actual value of the security to see if there are issues with your valuation procedures. This creates a more precise loss amount. If the collateral has been liquidated, a zero value should be in place here.

This also allows you to make adjustments, if needed, to the description.

At the bottom of the screen indicate whether the debt is still collectable.  

Press Enter to move to the screen indicated by your selection above.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Account #

The member’s account and loan suffix and the member's full name.

Interviewer Processor ID

The interviewer or processor associated with the loan.

Approved by ID

The loan officer which approved the original loan.

Collector ID

The collector associated with the loan.

Disbursed amount

The total amount which was disbursed to the member.


The principal balance on the account.

Interest due

The total amount of interest due.

Total owed credit union

A total of the principal balance and the interest due.

Loan Identification

These fields show the loan category, process type, and security for the original loan.

Estimated value of collateral

This shows the estimated value of all collateral attached to the loan.  Use the Update button to advance to the collateral maintenance screen where you can make adjustment to this amount.

Delinquency Information
Days / month                                                 Amount
# of times                                                  

Delinquency fine amount

These fields show the total number of months and days which the loan is delinquent, the amount, the total amount of payments that are delinquent,  the number of times over the life of the loan that it has fallen delinquent, and the delinquency fine amount.

Payment Information

These fields provide additional information about the status of the loan.

 Date opened

The date the loan was originally created.

 First pay date

The date the first payment was made.

 Next pay date

The date the next payment is due.

 Maturity date

The date the loan matures.

 Last payment date

The date on which the last payment was made.

 # of payments

The total number of payments which were made.

 # of payments left

The number of payments that have yet to be made.

 Payment frequency

A code indicating the frequency of payments (these are credit union-configured).

 Interest rate

The interest rate charged on the loan.

 Payment amount

The periodic payment amount on the loan.

Is this debt still collectable?

Indicate whether the debt is still collectable.  

  • If it is still collectable and to begin the write-off process, select Yes, I want to write off the loan.  This will take you to the next write off screen where you will write off the loan.

  • If it is not collectable and to start the charge off process, select "No I want to charge off the loan $ close the account."  This will take you to the next charge off screen where you can charge off the loan and begin the process of closing the loan.

  • Selecting the other option "N/A" will take you to the Home Page.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#PLNWO-02.htm