Transmitting Share Draft Returns

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Translate/Transmit Exceptions


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #279: CHECKS 4: Confirm/Transmit Member Check Returns.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to mark a draft exception to be deleted.

Screen Overview

NOTE: It is recommended that you leave the Job queue prompt unchecked for this procedure. This will help eliminate conflicts, and will alert you to any potential discrepancies caused by interruptions in the process. (For most other CU*BASE functions, however, Job queue is generally checked for most efficient processing.)

This screen is the final step in processing member check returns. Two major things are accomplished by this feature:

Select your processor and use Enter or Select ( 1 ) to complete the procedure. All items, except those marked with an “H” for Hold, will be cleared and the exception file list will be empty.

We recommend that your credit union have an internal policy for matching the amount of returns submitted to the credit actually given for those returns.



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