Manage Member See/Jump Authorizations

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Manage Member See/Jump Authorizations


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Currently See is not available. Members that had See access previously configured will not have access. Jump, however, is available.  

Access this screen by selecting Go! in front of "See/Jump relationships (allow other member to access your account online" on the initial Member Personal Banker screen.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Using the Switch Memberships Feature (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

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It’s Me 247 Strategies for Controlling Member Access

Can you explain the thinking behind the security, and why only an account owner can have this access?

Screen Overview

Use this screen to select which members will have “See” or “Jump” privileges to the account base at the top of the screen. Only accounts with the same Social Security number (a member with two memberships at your credit union), or members who are joint on the base (000) account (for example a spouse) will appear on this screen.

Check the appropriate box(es) to grant See and Jump access. (See description of each below.) Then press Enter.

See/Jump Controls for “It’s Me 247”

See/Jump is an aggregation tool that allows members to log into one account and still see all of their other accounts at your credit union. In a nutshell, once this feature is activated in the ARU/Online Banking configuration, and the appropriate permissions are given (via this screen), the member can either “Jump” to another account or “See” account balance and transaction information for their other accounts.

·     Jump allows a member to log into one of their memberships, then “jump to” another of their memberships (same SSN) without additional authentication.  (Members can also grant “Jump” permissions to any other joint owner on their base (000) account, such as a spouse, who also has a credit union membership.)  From here, with a few exceptions such as applying for a loan, it is as if they logged into this second account: they can make transfers, schedule AFTs, change preferences, etc.

·     See is perfect for members who want to be able to monitor balances and transaction activity for another account, but dont need full access to perform transfers or change other settings. The member remains in their original account but can also view the Account Summary and Detail screens for their other accounts.  Like Jump, permission can be granted to accounts with the same Social Security number or to any joint owner on the base (000) account who also has a credit union membership

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