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CU Bill Pay Product Configuration



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Access this screen by selecting Tool 1953: CU Bill Pay Vendor Product Config and then Edit or View.

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This is a detail of a bill pay product offered by the credit union.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Relationship Type

Select "Primary for new enrollments" unless a merger or other reason for multi-bill pay vendor support is required.  Then use "Supported for members already enrolled."  This allows for support of two vendors during a transition to a new product.

Enrollment supported

Select from "By Member" and "By CU Employee."  

Unenrollment supported

Select from "By Member" and "By CU Employee."  

Mobile supported

Check this box to activate bill pay in mobile products.

Financial institution (FI) #

Enter the financial institution number.

Default service charge group for new enrollments

Select form the bill pay service charged configured on this screen.  This will be the default that all new enrollees will be enrolled in.

  • NOTE:  A change to service change can be made via Member Personal Banker.

  • NOTE: Fiserv, Paylynx and Coop do not support service charge groups and this field will not appear on products by these vendors.

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