Card Activity Rebate (CAR) Program Configuration

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Configure Card Activity Rebate Program


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Access this screen by selectingTool #1320 Card Activity Rebates Configuration..

Match similar reward programs on the market and add a CAR program to your member appreciation program!  Increase members’ use of your in-house debit (and ATM) cards when making their purchases.  Use your CAR program to rebate members a certain percentage of their debit card activity every month, up to a maximum configured payment. 

CAR programs are configured via Tool 1320: Card Activity Rebate Configuration and, besides allowing you to configure a maximum rebate, allow you to set a per transaction limit rebate and to decide whether to include the ATM transaction (dependent on vendor) in the rebate.  Once the rebate is created, select it in the Dividend Application configuration, so you can reward just specific accounts that have debit cards attached. CU*BASE calculates and posts the rebate as one deposit, not exceeding the maximum monthly rebate amount.  Members see the rebate, along with the description configured in the card activity rebate configuration on their statements.

Credit card purchases are currently not included in CAR rebates.

  • Since the Card Activity rebate program os attached to a dividend application, your credit union has the flexibility to offer rebates only on specific types of accounts, for example VIP checking.  You can even tie your refund to a Qualified Dividends program and reward only the members that meet the requirements to receive a higher qualified dividend. Learn more in the Qualified Dividends booklet.

Use "Add" (F6) from this screen to the detail screen which allows you to configure the rebate and set the maximum dollar amount of the reward.

To view your rebate program, select the program and then View to move to the detail screen.