Advanced Card Update (2)

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Advanced Card Update


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Access this screen by selecting a Charge Type on the previous screen and pressing Enter or the Maintenance option.

See the “Field Descriptions” below for a description of the various settings that can be changed on the charge type record for this loan.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Charge type

Identifies the type of charge record = PU, CA, BT


The description associated with this charge type as set up in loan configuration.


The date range during which this charge type is effective. The field is defined in configuration.

Paid gross

The amount that has been paid on this loan within this billing cycle up to the current date. The number in this field moves to paid by due when a payment is received before the statement due date.

Paid by due

This is the amount received as payment on this account on or prior to the due date. Any amount received after the due date will stay in Paid gross.

Cumulative date

Each night that the billing cycle runs, this date field is populated and cannot be changed.

Cumulative days

The number of days in the billing cycle.


This is the aggregate amount of all debits and credits for this loan. Cumulated throughout the month, it is cleared at billing cycle time then immediately starts over.

Avg. daily balance (ADB)

This is the amount derived when the formula for calculating the ADB is performed.



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