CU*BASE Features Used: Updating Peer Analysis Data

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CU*BASE Features Used


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This screen appears when you click the Peer Analysis button on the Customer Profile screen.

This screen lists all major CU*BASE products and services, grouped by category. Products that your credit union has implemented and services your credit union uses are marked with a check mark.

An asterisk (*) in front of a description denotes a new item recently added to the list.

This information is used to compile the annual CU*BASE Peer Analysis worksheet, a great reference for credit unions leaders showing how your credit union peers use CU*BASE features and services. Our main intent with the Peer Analysis is three-fold:

This information can be updated by any CU*BASE representative. If you implement a new feature, or make a switch that affects your settings in the Peer Analysis, just let us know and we can make the change immediately for inclusion in the next published edition.




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