Reassign Collectors - Collector ID Maintenance

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Collector ID Maintenance


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1075: Reassign Collectors on Accounts.

Screen Overview

If a collector leaves your credit union or if there is another change in employees in your collections department, you can reassign loans that are delinquent, negative balance, written off, or overline accounts at any time with this tool.  The screen lets you select the status and a “to” and “from" collector.  It even allows filtering by date range.  The tool includes a confirmation screen to confirm your work and reports that document which accounts have been moved.  Check out this big time-saving tool!

Besides allowing you to reassign accounts from one collector to another, this screen also allows you to reassign all your loans to a new collector, and to reassign collectors on loans in good standing, leaving loans with certain Memo Types (such as loans in bankruptcy) with the original collector.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Previous collector ID

Enter the current collector ID or leave the field blank to move all loans.  Use the recommendations above for different situations.

New collector ID

Enter the new collector ID.

Delinquent loans (# of days delinquent from x to x)

Check to move delinquent loans.  Optionally enter a range of the number of days delinquent to move only those loans.  

Negative balance (# of days negative from x to x)

Check to move loans with a negative balance. Optionally enter a range of days negative to move only those loans.

Written off loan (# of days written off from x to x

Check to move written off loans.  Optionally enter a range of days written off to move only those loans.

Overline accounts (Account overline from x to x)

Check to move overline accounts.  Optionally enter a range of amount overline to move only those loans

Memo Types to exclude

Use these fields to exclude loans with certain Memo Types, such as loan in bankruptcy, from being moved.



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