Custom Account Information

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Custom Account Information


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Access this screen by clicking Custom Fields button on any Account Update or Account Inquiry screen.

This screen uses Unique Data Management (UDM).  Contact the Asterisk Intelligence Team for more details.

About Custom Fields

Using custom account fields your credit union can create and maintain unlimited custom fields that are unique to your credit union. You define the field name as well as the rules that control what data can be entered:  dollar amounts, quantity, percentage, text, yes/no checkbox, date, or a defined list (the selections of which you will also define) on this screen.  Data is collected and viewed from the screen accessed by clicking the Custom Fields button in the Account Update screens, such as the Loan Account Update (closed-end loan) screen, and viewed in Account Inquiry screens, such as the Loan Account Inquiry screen.

Viewing Custom Field Data from Account Inquiry

If you access this screen from an Account Inquiry screen, custom data that has been collected for this membership will show on this screen.  

Inputting Data from the Account Update

If you access this screen while opening or updating an account, all fields configured for memberships will show on this screen.  To show only filled in data, click the Show Filled in Only button.  To enter data fill in the field and use Enter.

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