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Member Account Inquiry


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This screen will appear when a loan or line of credit (LOC) account type suffix is entered on the Account Type screen.

Check out the video related to this topic: Collection Card II (More videos below!)

Screen Overview

This is the Account Detail screen used to display detailed information about loans and LOC accounts.

In the Transaction Inquiry Date field at the bottom of the screen, type a date and use Enter to proceed to the Transaction History screen

If this loan has been flagged as either a balloon loan or a lease loan, click the Balloon Loan button in the title area of the screen to view the Lease/Balloon/Residual Value Inquiry window showing some additional details unique to these types of loans.

Use History (F9) to view a history of changes made to the scheduled payment on this loan account. This can be helpful especially when researching payment changes over time on an interest-payment-only loan or a line of credit.

If you see an "Indirect Loans" button, it means this loan is linked to an indirect dealer.  Click the button to move to a view only version of the Indirect Loan Dashboard showing only that loan.  If the Inquiry screen is accessed from the dashboard, this button will not be present.

Integration between CU*BASE and your imaging solution

This screen has a link to your imaging solution to further integrate with CU*BASE.  The “Scan e-Document” button is used for scanning a document into your imaging solution.  The “View e-Document” button is for retrieving images from your imaging solution.

"Custom Fields" Button

A Custom Fields button will display if custom data is recorded for this account.  This is recorded in the Account Update screen.  Click the button to display a screen that will show the data collected.

Special Notes Regarding Online Credit Card Loans

Field Descriptions

Field Name



The date this account was opened.

G/L account

The General Ledger account number associated with this account.


The loan category code indicating the type of loan.


This code indicates why the loan was taken. (For example, a “Home Improvement” loan category may use several different purposes, such as “Remodeling” or “Addition.”) These codes are credit union-defined.


This code indicates what will be used to secure the loan. These codes are credit union-defined.

Proc type

The process type indicates how the loan behaves, and relates to both the General Ledger and various reports. Following are valid process types:

 E Closed-end

 O Open-end

 C Construction

 L Line of credit

 S Student loans in interim

 P Student loans in payout

 M Mortgage

Current Balance

The current balance in the account.

 + interest

The amount of interest owed on the loan. For mortgages that use the 360-day calculation type, this will include current interest plus delinquent interest due, if the loan is past due. Use F23-Delq/Cr Rpt Hist to see the breakdown.

 + delquent fine

The amount owned in delinquency fines, if any.

 - insurance  rebate

Any insurance premium rebates due back to the member.

  • IMPORTANT: This field is used only for credit unions which utilize the Rule of 78 for calculating insurance rebates. Contact a CU*BASE representative for information.

 = Loan Payoff

This field calculates the current balance plus any interest and delinquency fines, minus any insurance rebates, to show the current loan payoff amount.

Interest rate

The current interest rate on the account.

Daily interest

The interest amount accrued per day on this loan, calculated as follows:

Interest Rate ÷ Days In Year (365 or 366) = Daily Interest Factor


Daily Interest Factor ´ Current Balance = Daily Accrual


YTD Interest

The total amount of interest paid year-to-date.

Var int

The code indicating the variable interest rate used by this loan type.

If viewing a loan that has a Group variable rate code that is set up as a mini-contract (update by loan terms), click the Mini-Contract button that appears near the top of the screen to view the Loan Terms screen showing the rate change caps set up for this loan.

Amort/maturity date

For closed-end loans, this field indicates when the loan contract ends. For open-end and balloon loans, this field indicates the term used when calculating the amortization for this loan. For credit card loans, this field does not effect the status of the loan, as payments are determined by the interest rate and payment control fields in the loan category configuration.

Review date
Written off date

For current loans, this field shows the date on which this loan should be reassessed, and a decision made as to whether or not to renew the member's ability to continue borrowing. For closed-end loans, this date will generally be the same as the Amort/Maturity date. However, for line-of-credit and open-end loans, this date should allow time for the loan to be reviewed prior to extending additional credit.

  • To prevent disbursements from the loan account after the review date has passed, the loan category can be configured to use the review date for disbursements. (Click here for details about this configuration option.)

  • For loans that have been written off using the Write Off Loans feature (Tool #1006: Write Off / Charge Off Loans), this field will show the date on which the loan was written off. (This feature was implemented in June, 2003. For loans written off prior to this change, the field must be manually maintained using Account Information Update to record the date when the loan was originally charged off.)

  • SEE ALSO: Loan Review Dates: Overview



Insurance/Payment Protection, Miscellaneous coverage

These fields indicate if there is coverage attached to this loan. Use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see what coverage is attached.


Indicates whether there are any collateral records associated with this loan. Use the Collateral lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif. (F16) to view collateral records


(Applies to LOC loans only.) Indicates if there are Misc. Secured Funds records securing funds on this LOC account, such as online credit card authorizations. Use the Pledged lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif  to view the details (on this screen and this screen).


Indicates if this loan is currently delinquent. Use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif or F23 to view delinquency information and a complete breakdown of current and past delinquency details, as well as details of the online credit report associated with this loan, if any.

You can also access a history of credit bureau reporting for this loan, showing each time the loan was reported to the bureau(s) and the associated status information.

Addtl signers

Indicates if there are any additional signers (co-borrowers) on this loan. Use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to access the Additional Signer Maintenance screen.

Part Loan

Indicates this is a participation loan. Use the images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to access the Participation Loan Setup screen.


Indicates if a savings, checking, or certificate account has been pledged as security (collateral) on this loan. Use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif (F15) to view details (on LOC or other accounts).


Indicates whether this account has a payroll base deposit record, or receives distributions via the payroll system. Use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to access the Payroll Inquiry screen.


This account has a current record in the ACH Distribution Master file, either for a base deposit or a subsequent distribution.


Indicates if an AFT (Automatic Funds Transfer) record has been set up to transfer funds TO this account.


Indicates whether or not the account is frozen.

Click here for a list of freeze codes.

Check digit

(Appears for MEMBER6 line-of-credit loans only.) This is a calculated check digit to be used when printing LOC Disbursement Checks.

Club benefits: Accrued

If this member belongs to a Marketing Club for which special loan rate benefits apply, this shows the total benefits accrued for this account but not yet paid.

Club benefits: YTD

This shows the total amount of Marketing Club benefits paid to this account year-to-date.

  • NOTE: If benefits are paid to a share account on behalf of this loan, the amount paid YTD will still be displayed here.

Loan delivery channel

Starting in May, 2005, this two-digit code will indicate the source of the original application for this loan account. Common codes include:

HB Online Banking

CU CU*BASE Loan Processing

DT Dealer Trak

Refer to this topic for more details.

Pmts skipped this year

Indicates the number of times the Skip Pay for Consumer Loans feature was used to skip a payment on this loan for this calendar year.  Learn more about consumer skip-pay programs.


Pmts skipped life of loan

Indicates the number of times the Skip Pay for Consumer Loans feature was used to skip a payment on this loan for the life of the loan.  Learn more about consumer skip-pay programs.

Disbursement limit

The maximum amount for which this loan was approved. (See also Secured funds and Available funds described below.)

Interest accrued through

This field shows the date through which accrued interest has been calculated.

Last disbursed balance

This field shows what the account balance was the last time a disbursement was granted (including the disbursed amount). This may be different from the account balance, if a payment was made on the loan since the last disbursement.

Last payment

The amount of the last payment made on the loan.

Regular payment

The amount of the regular period payment, including principal, and interest. It does not include escrow amounts, if any exist.

For online credit card accounts only: If this field label appears in blue text, it means that there is a pending Payment Change record waiting to be implemented for this account. (This is done via the Payment Changes option in Misc. Loan Maintenance.) This might be because the member has been given a set monthly payment as part of a bankruptcy reaffirmation situation, or because of a skip-a-pay program, or other reason.

Amount due

This field shows the total amount the member owes in order to bring the loan current and satisfy any outstanding fines:

Amt Delq + Fine Amt = Amt Due

  •  Depending on your credit union's configuration, it may be necessary for the member to pay this entire amount, which includes outstanding fines, in order to bring the loan current. For more information, see the Configuring Tools for Collections booklet.

Partial pay

This field shows the amount, if any, which has already been paid toward the next payment due. The system adds any amounts in this field to payment amounts being received to determine whether the member has paid enough to satisfy (fulfill) the complete required payment.

This field is reset to 0.00 automatically whenever enough money is received to satisfy a full regular payment amount. (Remember that whether or not the payment due date also moves forward is also dependent on the Delinquency control settings on the loan.)

  • NOTE: This field is NOT used when processing payments for mortgage loans with the 360-day interest calculation type.  Also, for online credit cards, once the payment has been fulfilled for a period, additional funds will not accumulate in the partial pay bucket until a new calendar month begins.

Secured funds

(Used by LOC loan accounts only.) If any Misc. Secured Funds have been created on this LOC account (such as outstanding authorizations for online credit card loans), this will show the total amount currently being held. This will reduce the amount of funds available for the member to withdraw (borrow) on the account. (See also Available funds described below.)

Total disbursed

The total amount actually disbursed to the member.

Last disbursed date

The date funds were last disbursed to the member.

Last payment date

The date of the last payment made on the loan.

Next payment

The day of the month on which the next payment will come due.  When set to 29, 30, or 31, this is used by the system to properly adjust payment dates with months that have different numbers of days (February, etc.).  Otherwise the field is informational only.

  • If a member’s payment normally falls on day 30, then the day 30 triggers the system to look at the month and compensate for the # of days it actually has.  Using this example, if the member pays their January payment, their next payment due date would be February 30 (which cannot be the case). CU*BASE knows to adjust to the 28th (or the 29th, if it’s leap year).  Then when the February payment is made this field is used for CU*BASE to know not to make March 28 the member’s next payment due date.  

# of payments remaining

(Shown on closed-end loans only.) The total number of payments yet to be made on the loan.

Used only by closed-end loans stored in MEMBER5, this counter is incremented each time the system moves the Next payment date forward after the member satisfies a full payment due.

  • NOTE:  This counter is never incremented on MEMBER6 (LOC/open-credit) loans.


This field indicates how often payments are made (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Stepdown Amount

The monthly “step down” amount is calculated by CU*BASE by dividing the original loan balance by the number of loan payments.  See more information in Loan Category Configuration.  

Available funds

This field indicates the total amount that can still be disbursed on this loan. This is calculated as follows:

Disburse limit

- Current balance

- Interest due *

- Secured funds **

= Available funds

* Depends on an optional setting in your credit union's master parameters.
* Secured funds apply to LOC (MEMBER6) loans only.

First payment

The date the first payment was made.

Note #

The loan note number, for credit unions which assign note numbers to loans.

ECOA code

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act code for this loan.

Click here for a list of codes.


The share account that receives escrow payments when this loan is paid, if any.

  • If this loan is tied to an escrow account, a button will appear to allow you to view escrow disbursement records and payment history. SEE ALSO: Escrow Processing with CU*BASE

Escrow payment

The amount of escrow payments transferred to the Escrow account.

  • If this loan is tied to an escrow account, a button will appear to allow you to view escrow disbursement records and payment history. SEE ALSO: Escrow Processing with CU*BASE

# of refinances

The number of times this loan was refinanced using the CU*BASE Refinances/Extensions system.




New Account (F5)

Use this to choose a different base account number from the initial Member Inquiry screen.

New Account Type (F6)

Use this to choose a different account type for this member from the Account Type screen.

Not Shown (F7)

Use this to return to the Home Page.

History (F9)

Use this to view a history of payment changes made to this loan.

Interest Calc (F11)

Use this to verify loan interest accruals using history from this account.

NSF (F13)

This will display a history of items (checks, ACH, bill payment, etc.) drawn on this account that were either returned due to non-sufficient funds, or posted to a negative amount by the Auto Non Returns system.

Loan Officer (F14)

This will display a window showing the employees assigned as the Approving Loan Officer, Processing Loan Officer, and Collections Officer for this account.

Pledged (F15)

(Use lookup next to Pledged) This shows pledged shares or miscellaneous secured funds records for this loan.

Collateral (F16)

(Use the lookup next to Collateral) This shows collateral detail for the loan, if any. (If there is no collateral, the function will not do anything.)

Additional Signers (F17)

(Use the lookup next to Additional Signers) This shows additional signers (co-borrowers) on this loan account.

Payroll (F19)

(Use the lookup next to Payroll) This displays payroll deduction information for this account.

Loan Category (F21)

Displays view-only screens of the loan category associated with this account.

Tracker Review (F21)

This allows you to view Trackers already created for this member and add new conversation notes to existing Trackers.

Overdraft Protection (F22)

This shows account numbers, if any, used for overdraft protection on the current account.

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