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Additional Signer Inquiry


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This screen appears when "Additional Signers" is selected on the Misc. Loan Maintenance screen. This screen also appears after using Addl Signers (F12) on the Loan Application - Select Co-Signers screen.

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Screen Overview

This screen is used to view, add or update co-signers on a loan application or loan account. Use the fields at the top of the screen to enter a SSN and choose a signer type, or select an existing name from the list and use Enter or Select to proceed to the detail screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Additional Signer SSN

Use this field at the top of the screen to enter a SSN for a new co-signer.


When adding a new co-signer, choose one of the following to designate the co-signer type (use of these codes is governed by credit union policy):

C Co-Applicant
S Spouse
G Guarantor

Existing Additional Signers List

Addl Signer SSN

The Social Security or other Tax ID number for the additional signer.


The code indicating the type of signer.

Additional Signer Name

The signer's full name.


The system checks the Social Security number of the signer against both member and non-member records and displays one of the following to indicate the credit union's relationship with this co-signer:

NM Non-member
MI Member (Individual)
MO Member (Organization)

Seq #

The sequence number assigned to this additional signer (1st co-borrower, 2nd co-borrower, etc.). The sequence number is used by various processes including posting loan insurance premiums and setting up card embossing settings for online credit card loans.

Delq Level

The delinquency level at which this additional signer will begin receiving delinquency notices.

SEE ALSO: Configuring Loan Delinquency Notice Parameters

Report to CB

A Y in this column indicates this additional signer is included along with the primary borrower when reporting account data to the credit bureaus.


A Y will appears here if the additional signer record has been coded as type ā€œSā€ for Spouse.

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