NSF Statistics Summary

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NSF Statistics Summary


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This screen appears when you use NSF (F13) on either the Account Detail screen for a share or draft account or Transaction History screen for a share or share draft account.

The NSF History feature in Member Inquiry and Phone Software is used to view trends in a member's NSF activity over time. The idea is for these stats to show items that were presented to member accounts where the member did not have sufficient available funds in either his checking account or configured ODP accounts to post the items normally, regardless of whether the item was ultimately returned or not.

With the introduction of ANR processing, changes were made to the way in which these statistics are gathered, so that you can see a more detailed breakdown of a member's track record. For checking accounts, you can view stats related to incoming checks, ACH debits, bill payment debits, and (if configured for your credit union) ATM/Debit card postings. For other share accounts, you will also be able to see NSF statistics related to incoming ACH debits.

In addition, you can view statistics on fees charged to checking accounts for returns (NSF) and non-returns (ANR/Courtesy Pay). Depending on your configuration, some or all of these fees may also be disclosed on member statements. (Refer to the Automated Non-Returns booklet for details on disclosing fee information on statements according to Reg. DD requirements.)

Amounts shown in the Balance column represent the lowest balance that was caused by any item clearing during that year (does not include the fee, if any).

Statistics will be updated at the time the items are initially posted, according to these rules:

If items are subsequently force paid through the Share Draft Exception system or were able to be re-posted because of a deposit made after the items was originally presented, the system will not alter NSF statistics. These stats were designed to give you a picture of what happened when the item was originally presented.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#INSF-01.htm