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NSF Transaction Inquiry


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This screen appears when you select a year and choose the Transactions option on the initial NSF Statistics Summary screen.

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This screen shows a list of the individual transactions that are counted in the NSF history summary.

(Information for June 2003 and prior will not be consistent with more recent detail items. ACH items will not appear until after October 27, 2003. Bill pay items will appear only for the period October 27, 2003 to September 30, 2006.)

When done, use the backup arrow (F3) to return to the summary screen.

CU*TIP: Transactions on this list can be deleted using the Update NSF Statistics feature, to adjust a member's NSF statistics. Although rare, this might be helpful for situations where a transaction was posted NSF but was later adjusted because of special circumstances, and should not be counted on a member's NSF history.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Transaction Date

The date the transaction was posted.


The check number which attempted to clear.


The amount of the check.

Resulting Balance

This represents the resulting balance that was caused by the item itself. It does not include any fee amount that may have been posted separately.


The process that was used to post the item. “Checks” refers to share draft processing. “Posted Below Avail” means the item was posted below the member's available balance by the Automated Non-Returns system.

  • NOTE: “Bill Pay” refers to CU*EasyPay! Bill Payment items that were posted during the period when the “good funds” model was in place. After September 30, 2006, bill pay items will no longer appear as separate items. Instead they will be included as part of your normal ACH and share draft processing items.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#INSF-03.htm