Flooding Data to a List of Member Accounts (3)

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Flood Data to List of Member Accounts Step 3: Validate Data and Process


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Access this screen by selecting a flood type and using Select on the previous screen.

This screen compares the accounts in your list with your actual data and summarizes how many accounts will be affected when the flood is run.  To see a report showing exactly how each account would be affected, as well as messages about specific errors, if any, choose Run in Audit mode and then use the Process button. 

A window will appear requesting a printer ID and number of copies. (HINT: Enter HOLDxx where xx is your CUID if you wish to avoid printing anything on paper at this time.)  When you use Enter on that window, the report will appear on your screen so you can see a test run (your accounts are NOT affected at this point).  Use Backup from the report to return to this screen and make adjustments if needed.  You can run as many Audits as needed before using the Update mode to post the changes in your live files.

Important Cautions!

Rule #1:  Self-directed floods CANNOT be undone.

Rule #2:  See Rule #1.
Because these floods will be happening at the same time as other activity throughout your credit union, there will be NO way for us to restore data to its original form should you post a flood incorrectly by mistake. This rule cannot be stated strongly enough! 

Rule #3:  When in doubt, ask for help – we’ll even run the flood for you!
Contact Asterisk Intelligence at ai@cuanswers.com and their data experts will be happy to help. They will use the same tools as you would, and you’ll be able to review the audit reports as they are generated. Best of all, it’ll still be FREE – no custom programming or processing fees required.


For complete instructions on using this feature, including samples of the reports, refer to the Self-Directed Data Floods booklet.


Link to ID:https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UFLMAIN-03.htm