Process File of Email Addresses

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Process File of Email Addresses



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1080: Process File of Email Addresses.


This tool is a handy way to mass update the wrong email address flag, third party opt out flag, and CU contact opt out flag on memberships in CU*BASE.  What was previously a manual process, is not completed with just a few steps!

Preparation for Using this Feature

To use this feature you will need to update a file of email address to the IMPEMAIL file definition in CU*BASE.  This will be done using Tool #374: File Upload (PC to System i).  Only email addresses in this file will be used in the Process File of Email Addresses feature.

You will also need to create Memo Types under the Auditing Tracker for all three processes available with this feature (wrong address flag, third party opt out flag, and CU opt out flag).  Then use next to each item, and select each associated Memo Type.  (The feature will not update until all three Memo Types are selected.)  These Memo Types are used to create a Tracker record each time this process updates a membership.  The Memo Types will then remain the same each time this screen is used until they are changed.  

These Memo Types are tied to the credit union you are serving.  Each credit union will have its own Memo Types.

Using this Feature

One these items are completed, you can simply indicate which flags you want updated and what setting you wish the flags to be changed to (Y or N).  Optionally select to export account matches to a file of account base matches (open, closed or both).  

Use Confirm to access the confirmation screen where you can review the number of email addresses that will be processed as well as the number of membership matches found.

After accepting a confirmation screen, the system will update the records as selected and generate a Tracker conversation on the Auditing Tracker of each membership that was updated.  Additionally a matched email address report and report of email addresses that were not matched will be generated.


Two reports will be generated with this process, one for emails that matched memberships in CU*BASE and one for email addresses that did not match.  This is the match report.


This is the report of emails in the file that did not match those in memberships for the credit union.






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